Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who needs other classes?

Some of my best in-game memories stem from all-druid runs. For example, a few weeks long I had a fixed group for running Slave Pens Heroic. One resto, one balance and three ferals, meeting up around 2300 every night for a quick stealth run. In Slave Pens you only have to kill 3-4 groups of mobs in order to get to all bosses.
Or, back in the days of patch 1.9, killing Onyxia. Well not actually killing her, but hell, did we try. Mainly we failed because we were only 25-30 people, but we came close a few times. And remember, this was in a time where ferals were a joke and boomkins were brand new.

Please feel free to share some of your anecdotes regarding druid-only runs in the comments.

So how will this fine tradition continue during WotLK?
My guess: Better than ever.

1) We are officially considered main tanks
During BC they only planned for druids to be OTs - yet we were able to tank almost anything pretty successfully. With the new system where no encounter will need a certain tanking class (e.g. a warrior), nothing should stand in the way of doing all bosses with druids only.
All our new emergency buttons will make it even easier.

2) We can do "viable" DPS
Balance and feral druids will dish out as much damage as other classes can - and with the effect of raid stacking being reduced, we will not miss the other buffs as much. This might even be the biggest factor acting in our favor come WotLK.

3) We have good AoE damage
The new spells in the balance tree in combination with the removal of the Hurricane CD will enable us to deal with AoE pulls much better.
Also the new, unlimited Swipe and Berserk make ferals capable of dealing some AoE damage.

4) We finally have good indoors CC
With Entangling Roots being available indoors now, we can reliably CC any mob we encounter. Of course its use is limited against ranged enemies (casters, hunters, healers). Clever use of LoS and having a lot of OT-capable players (all ferals and maybe even some boomkins) should alleviate that. Not to forget Hibernate.
Also, we have many interrupts at our disposal: Bash, Maim, Feral Charge, Cyclone

5) We can heal. A lot.
Resto druids have always been one of the best healing classes out there, and that will hopefully continue with WotLK. Wild Growth gives us a nice new tool to fill a niche we traditionally had some troubles with, and Nourish should help in some situations also.
With the new spellpower system boomkins should be able to heal pretty well while in DPS gear as well, making them an excellent emergency healer. And of course having 5 Tranquilities per group is pretty useful in many situations.

6) We still have all the great utility/adaptability
Everyone has a battle rezz, a normal rezz, an Innervate, a Tranquility, can off-tank, can heal, can stealth, can CC, can interrupt and can DPS. 'Nuff said.

The only possible showstoppers are the following missing ablities:
- Ability to dispel magic and disease
- Offensive dispel
- Mind Control (might be an issue in Naxx)

Those may make some instances/raids harder, and might make some impossible to finish. But Blizzard has stated that they don't want anything to depend on certain classes any more; so my guess would be that we can do almost everything without other classes.
It will be harder in some cases, but that only makes it more fun ^_^

So, what do you think? Will we have an easier time mounting all-druid raids?


Eglador said...

I really do hope so.
My only personal concern is that I don't know enough good druids to do all that stuff with an own team...

Abies said...

On some servers there is a chat channel for classes, try recruiting them there. Other even have a special forum or raid planner for that purpose. You could start one for your server if you have none yet!

Kagrra said...

My coauthors and I have a blog centered around a party of just druids. Once we reach the point where we want to raid I think it would be fun to try and get an all-druid raid going. I have the same issue that Eglador has, though... the only good druids I've found are the ones already on my team. :P I'll try and write a post soon about ways to party/raid as all druids and linkback, kei?

Abies said...

Sounds great! I'll put up a link when you have it up.

Indigo said...

It's funny how that works sometimes isn't it. Lately I've found myself running in groups with mostly paladins. I guess some classes are just more versatile than others.

Hana said...

To be fair, paladins are nearly as versatile. I have one of each; paladin and druid, and I love them both dearly. ^_^ I have an easier time doing off-spec stuff on my paladin than I do my druid though.