Monday, October 13, 2008

All These Talents - So Few Points

Patch 3.0.2 is upon us. All talent points will be reset, so how to spend them, with all the new talents available to us?

So I took it upon myself to throw together some exemplary builds for level 70.


As before I think it will be best to just skip the Healing Touch focused talents, in order to maximize our HoT potential. Also I went for the 11 point talent in the balance tree instead of going for Wild Growth. While being nice and something I'll definitely pick up when I am 80, right now it is not as strong as Nature's Splendor.

If you really want to have Wild Growth, try this build: 8/0/53


This build focuses on raid DPS. As you can see it doesn't take any of the new shiny tools - while they are nice, for most situations you just don't need them. It also includes Omen of Clarity, which now procs off spells as well.


This is a tanking build. Although Berserk would be nice, Omen of Clarity is more important for threat generation. The two points in Shredding Attacks and the three in Infected Wounds could be moved to other talents, if so preferred.

This is a PvP build. It doesn't take Omen of Clarity in favor of Berserk, as Omen of Clarity only procs of white damage and the burst factor Berserk gives you is more important in PvP. You could take three points out of the feral tree and put them in Nature's Focus, so that you get some interrupt protection on your heals and CCs.

This is a PvE DPS build. It goes for everything related to DPS as well as some utility. Should you have enough expertise and hit you could free two points from Primal Precision. Also you could take the 5 points from Feral Aggression and put them into Feral Instinct and/or Thick Hide.

These builds are no absolutes - I haven't done the theorycrafting on several abilities yet. Also, they are no builds for leveling to 80; they are for 70 endgame play.


Felkan said...

I want to play with all the new Feral toys, so I'm going to put all of my talents into the Feral tree (maybe 3-4 points in Furor for dailies).

If I find I miss Intensity and/or OoC all that much, I can re-spec.

Felkan said...

One more thing...

You really don't need OoC for bear threat generation especially with Natural Reaction.

If you plan to do some 5-man tanking, you'll obviously want Feral Instinct for the huge swipe boost.

Abies said...

As written, this builds focus on maximizing your ability for a certain area of play. For fooling around with the new abilities, just go for what you like :)

You don't *need* many talents... but still, OoC gives so much for just one point, it is really worth it in a serious tanking build.

Feral Instinct is interesting for 5-mans and AoE tanking. If you do much of that, you'd of course want to move some points around.